A belated blog: a WIN at Laurel View Jump X in June.

Slap on the wrist for me for my absolutely AWFUL time management skills at updating this blog. In my defence, a hell of a lot has been going on. But you will find out all about that over my next few blog posts.

Catching up, on June 11th, Bonnie and I headed to the Jump X Challenge at Laurel View Equestrian Centre. The weather was to be desired for with periods of gale force winds (so much so that the X fence had to be changed from planks to a skinny, as the jumps were falling down before people even got to jump them) and bursts of heavy rainfall. Your average summers day in Northern Ireland.

I entered Bonnie for the 80cm, which we have been placing at consistently, and her second ever 90cm. In the 80cm, the person before me had set the time to beat: 71. (something) seconds. It was a fast round with risky turns – no one thought it could be beat. But they hadn’t seen the little super pocket rocket cob in action yet, as this was her first time at Laurel View jumping with myself (not sure if Boo jumped there before with her previous owner).

I went in and we gave it our all – gotta be in it to win it, after all! A silly rider error pushing too hard before the double resulted in one down, but by jumping the X fence clear she soared into first place and kept the placing throughout the remainder of the class. Her time was over 10 seconds faster than the round before.

Watch our 80cm round below… 

I quickly changed tactics for the 90cm, taking her back into the warmup to jump more off her hocks rather than for speed (as she is struggling to get both at the moment). Again my riding let this super  mare down as I cut the corner too short to number 3, not quite anticipating that it was coming up quite so soon. That resulted in one down in the 90cm class. Before I went in, I said I wasn’t jumping the X fence Everyone in the class, with the exception of one (who wobbled the pole, but it didn’t fall) knocked it down. But I made the stupid decision to jump it bringing our fault total to 8. If I hadn’t of done that, she would of won the 90cm too. Instead, we still came in a respectable 5th place. No one got a clear round in the 90cm – it was a tough course.

Watch our 90cm round below… 

All in all a great day and as usual Laurel View were fantastic hosts.

Until next time…

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2 thoughts on “A belated blog: a WIN at Laurel View Jump X in June.

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