My Horses

I currently own two horses – though only one is regularly ridden. I’ll introduce her first.



Meet Bonnie! I only recently purchased Bonnie (February 2017), but I have known her for over 5 years now.

Bonnie is a 156cm, 12 year old Irish Sport Horse x Welsh Section D mare. She is jet black with two white ankle markings on her back legs.

Bonnie is a little green (competition wise) for her age but has invaluable experience in that she was used as a fun horse and has been well cared for and treated like a princess for the majority of her life. I bought her off a friend and she was probably one of my best decisions recently. She has been a rock since my life fell apart in January and has completely reignited my love for the sport after I thought there was no future for me in it due to my health.

I am currently just enjoying Bonnie, gaining experience with her and next year (2018) will be registering her with Showjumping Ireland. Currently I am competing her on day tickets and in un-registered two phases and events.



Tobias is an 12 year old, Irish Sport Horse gelding by Cavalier Two For Joy. He has a heart of gold and is the biggest character you will ever meet – I call him my overgrown dog!

I have owned Tobias since he was rising 5, he was my first horse (that we bought) and taught me how to land on the floor gracefully, but also how to love unconditionally and he was with me through some very hard times in my life. To this day, he is my rock and enjoys cuddles and kisses (as long as you don’t have a headcollar to catch him from the field at the same time!).

Tobias was retired officially in April 2014 to hacking and scarce arena work after his Tildren/Cortisone injections wore off and we decided not to put him through the process again. This came after an injury in 2012 resulted in months of rehab and hydrotherapy, where he then came back into full work and ended up jumping 1m course at the interschools competitions.

He helped make me the rider I am today and will remain our family pet until the day he passes.2