Interested in becoming a sponsor?

As a young equestrian without a very full bank account, the idea of sponsorship of course is a welcome possibility (as it is to most equestrians). I am open to any kind of sponsorship, whether it be through products or financial support.

Given the sport,  promoting and working with equestrian companies/brands are of particular interest to me as I feel through my rapidly growing social medias, I could promote your brand/products along with good results in competition at national level. I have already worked with Ecohoof Equine Ltd producing a promotional video which is linked below.

I am also interested in reviewing and promoting single product(s) from different equestrian companies/brands.

image7.jpgSponsoring me would provide a unique opportunity to build awareness of your company aiming it towards horse lovers (who generally are a high net-worth audience), a fashion market and those who follow the sport on a national and international level.

Not many companies sponsor lower-level riders, but it does have benefits. Within a close knit community, you get more one-on-one conversation to really promote and explain the benefits a product can bring.

If you would like to sponsor me or want to know more about me as a rider, you can contact me through the “Contact” Page. To get a little background knowledge before contacting me, head over to the “About Me” page.

Ecohoof video: click here to watch (on facebook.com)