It’s official. He’s a field ornament.

My most viewed blog post on here is my “Retiring your horse of a lifetime”. In that post I explain the decision process we went through having to retire Tobias from competition, explaining how he hacked.

As of June 28th, Tobias was officially retired to the field. He can no longer be stabled.

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Retiring your horse of a lifetime – you’ll know when they’re ready. Toby’s Story.

There comes a time with a lot of equestrians when they must ask themselves, “Is he too old to be doing those jumps now? Does he require an easier pace of life?”. This can come at any stage in a horses life. They may have had a successful career for over 15 years, or they may not have even been able to start.

Retiring a horse is not an easy decision, and many factors must be considered before the answer to the question is definitive.
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