Welcome, Schuberry.

Just thought I would write a short little post to welcome our newest addition, Schuberry.


Schuberry is a descendant of Willberry Wonder Pony, mascot of inspirational teenager Hannah Francis who sadly passed away in August 2016 after fighting terminal bone cancer.

Hannah wanted to leave behind a legacy, and the Willberry Wonder Pony Charity was formed.

Visit their website at www.willberrywonderpony.org.

The charity supports vital research into osteosarcoma and grants equine related wishes to seriously ill people and their families.

The charity, now run by her family and friends, announced on their Facebook page that they were going to be selling the soft toys for the first time at Badminton Horse Trials, 2017. I was fortunate enough to know someone going (shoutout to my awesome farrier), who collected me one and brought him home to me.

Schuberry was then born – his name inspired by our farrier, who brought him home for us.

Schuberry has already been on adventures with us, including to the RUAS Balmoral Show 2017 where he did a great job of supervising the showjumping in the main arena.

Keep a watch out for him in our future blog posts – he will be featuring quite a lot from here on out!

Until next time..

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