RUAS Balmoral Show 2017 + Try-On Rider Clothing Haul!!

Today I thought I would write about my newest video, a vlog of Balmoral Show where I also do a mini-haul of some clothing I picked up at the end.

Watch the video here.. 

Although Balmoral starts very early in the morning, we decided to skip the traffic (which is usually way backed up) and headed to the show for around 1pm in the afternoon. After arrival we went straight and mum and Seline got some food whilst I went and visited all the cattle. We seen lots of different breeds and it was interesting reading about the history provided by some owners on their cattle.

After seeing the cows, we went out to watch one of the side-rings of the Young Farmers of Ulster Tractor Handling Competition. The counties had representatives competing in pairs from different clubs in each county (Antrim, Armagh, Fermanagh, Tyrone, Down & Derry) going head to head through a course and the fastest with the least faults won.

3pm was fast approaching, and our friend was competing on her horse in the main arena. We made our way to the grand stands to support The Waffler in the racehorse-to-riding horse class, a huge class with racehorses from all over Ireland. Waffles behaved impeccably and picked up 4th place in the end!

After we had watched Waffles, it was time to head down the shopping village. Completely dangerous. I wasn’t planning on buying anything, and technically I stuck to that promise. Mum bought it! and Seline bought me some stuff for my birthday too.

I got lost for about 20 minutes as I headed down to the Bailey’s Horse Feed stand and the woman talked me through some possible feed-options for Bonnie and gave me some free samples of feed. After ringing mum and getting reunited, I headed into the Rydale stand (visit their website here) and spent £60. However, I did get 4 items…so that’s pretty good, I think!

I got some lovely shirts which were 2 for £20 (this offer is online, too) and two hoodies which were 2 for £40. Great quality, very comfy so to me worth the money, and also a lot cheaper should you go into another equestrian shop who stock Rydale.

The second visit was to the Townend Clothing shop, who also had some good bargains. I picked up a beautiful blue coat, blue t-shirt and blue baseball cap for £40 collectively. Be sure to check out the end of my Balmoral Vlog for the try on rider-haul!


Lots of bargains to be had at RUAS Balmoral Show 2017.

We continued to carry around the tons of shopping bags in the hope of finding the Grassmen store, which, after asking several people, we eventually found. (Forgot to mention I also had a lovely burger and chips off a stall!) Mum got me a hoody and I was wanting a rugby shirt and polo shirt but they didn’t have any size small left in those, so we left with their website and have ordered them online.

After our trip to the Grassmen shop we got some more food and visited the Moy Park spin-wheel where you had the chance to win a goody bag, a clucky-dip or the chance to win a golden ticket (where you then got entered into the draw for an iPad). I got a beautiful Mullens ice-cream (bubblegum and chocolate with marshmallows) and then we headed back to the main arena to watch some showjumping.
DSC_0697Balmoral this year was certainly even better than last year – and Schuberry, our little mascot, came along for the ride. I can’t wait until Balmoral 2018 – countdown begins!

Until next time..

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