Alan Davies Signature Brush Set (Eqclusive) – Full Review.

Before I begin this written review, you can watch my demo & review in one on my Youtube channel – here is the video below.
This blog post and this video are NOT sponsored and all opinions are my own. 

I was lucky enough to receive these brushes for Christmas, bought off Eqclusive. My mum commented that the delivery time was amazing, and they arrived in sturdy packaging sealed close with tape so that they would be secure in transit. We live in Northern Ireland (if you haven’t figured that out by now) so they had to cross the water and go into the busy mail rooms before they were delivered to our door.

When I opened the brush set I was in absolute awe. They are much nicer in person than they are in the photos (not even sure how that’s possible). When someone promotes a product, no matter what the product is; you question if they are actually effective. Everyone knows the food in the adverts looks way better than it does in real life.

I sat and stared for 20 minutes, admiring every brush individually. Then the video popped into my head, but I figured a written review is much better for those who may be researching this on the bus and don’t want to blast audio. So today I will tell you what I thought of every brush individually, the packaging, and every aspect of the Alan Davies Signature Brush set.

You open the package and are greeted by a beautiful, navy velvet bag with an italic ‘A’ in a circle (pictured below) and inside is a black box containing the brush set.

(straight from the Eqclusive website) The pack itself contains:

Alan Davies Unique All-Rounder – is a rubber brush that removes all hair from cloths, rugs, numnahs. 
I didn’t test this brush out well, I didn’t really have anything to accurately test it out on hand, but have since used it for it’s intended purpose and it did an amazing job.  The  brush is sturdy (like they all are) and make out of good quality rubber.

Alan Davies Mr. Flicky – flicker brush to remove residue of dust, shavings from the coat, mane or tail.
I was particularly puzzled by how this brush would work any differently than any other flick brush (for example, one from Bentley, which I already own). I was blown away by the remaining residue simply gliding off without much effort from myself. It made grooming seem effortless.

Alan Davies Polisher – Polishing brush that removes final dust, makes the horses shiny! No need for a towel!
Well, this was by far my favourite. It is so soft I could honestly use it on myself – never mind the horses! It was very effective in removing the remaining flecks of dust (not that there was many) and bringing up a natural shine on Bonnie’s coat. If I was choosing to buy one thing from the entire pack, it would be a toss up between this and the face brush.
Alan Davies Face Brush – small brush that has very soft but effective natural horse hair bristles. Horses love it!
This was the brush I found gave the most immediate results. The difference was outstanding – so much so when filming the video I accidentally did her entire face without stopping to allow for the comparison because I was so mesmerised with the results it was giving.
Alan Davies Quarter Marker – have you dreamt of quarter marks like Valegro? Now it is possible with Quarter Market! Pssst also amazing for making the coat shine!
I didn’t quarter mark with the brush, but it was mighty effective at making the coat shine. I did swipe it backwards, though, and can see how it would make quarter marking your horse a lot easier.
Alan Davies Stud brush – hoofpick designed to clean the stud holes and properly clean frogs.
Again, I couldn’t fully test out this brush because I didn’t have stud shoes on. However, after Vromy wearing stud shoes for over a year on all 4 feet, I can imagine this would’ve made my life a lot easie with it’s handy little metal picker instead of a bulky hoofpick (I found it incredibly hard to remove all of the shavings, etc from her feet, even with the wire brush and plugging them with stud covers. They always seemed to escape!). I have no doubt should I decide to put stud shoes on Bonnie, this would be outstanding.
Alan Davies Mr. Glossy – Very soft long natural horse hair have been used for this brush to help your horse make the shiniest in the ring!
Mr Glossy worked wonders, as they all did. It was black horse hair on the navy base they all have. My brush did arrive with a little mark on the Mr Glossy backing (a tiny scrape) but this likely happened in transit against one of the other brushes, and it’s nothing that wouldn’t happen lying in a grooming kit anyway. It didn’t bother me in the slightest and was purely cosmetic.
Alan Davies Curry Comb
This brush, like all curry combs, required the most elbow grease – but did bring a lot of dirt to the surface immediately. I only had to go over Bonnie once to get the majority of dirt out, and then just a once-over in dirt “hot-spots” such as her butt and neck. She thoroughly enjoyed the scratch though – perfect to help you bond with your 4 legged partner!
Alan Davies Grooming Bag
This has a very high quality and screams luxury. It is extremely soft and quite big, perfect for fitting the brushes and the box they come in inside. I personally won’t be using the velvet bag as a main grooming bag as I don’t think it is protective enough to keep the beautiful brushes safe without the bulk of the protective box, so I will be investing in a grooming bag from Premier Equine’s new range and then keeping the brushes inside the Alan Davies grooming bag inside that (if that makes sense. I think it does).

The brushes themselves are outstanding. There really isn’t enough good to say about them. They are all a wonderful quality, well designed, and very well put together.

The reason I like them the most is obviously the results they produce. I hate giving my horses a bath – firstly because I always end up wetter than the horse, but also because it irritates their skin if carried out too often.
But if you show regularly, it is a necessary evil – do I have a dirty horse, or just wash it?

These brushes will be particularly useful to those who do compete regularly – particularly if you do not have access to hot water and a solarium. They give amazing results which normal brushes that supposedly do the same job just do not do.

SO, in summary:
Do they do what they describe? Yes.
Are they false advertising? No.
Can a non-professional groom still get good results?  Absolutely. I am by no means a professional and have the upper arm strength of a 6 year old, and look at the results I got from them!
Are they worth the investment? 1000000% YES!

I’ll see you next time!

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