Portmore Arena Eventing: Schooling, Competition, and Boo is lame again – another Physio appointment! . [January 2018]

Once again I’m behind with these blog posts, but in my own defence, I’ve been very busy. Since I last wrote a post, I’ve had a second eye surgery, been dealing with a lame horse, and bringing a horse home! (but you can read about that in my next blog post which I will also be writing today, that’s if my fingers don’t fall off from the cold first though).

On January 7th, after a night of cold temperatures, we had planned to take Bonnie schooling to Eric Pele’s all weather XC. However, when we were a mere 5 minutes away, we got a call telling us not to come – because the place was frozen solid.

Panic stations began, trying to find a place local to the area (as it was an hour away from us) and to no avail, we eventually rang up Portmore which was in the complete opposite direction. They had the first leg of their £1000 Arena Eventing league on, but said we were more than welcome to come and school around afterwards. Pretty good deal – yes? So off we headed on our little journey to Lough Neagh. (fun fact: we travelled over 200 miles this day trying to actually get somewhere to ride)

When we got there, we had about a 2 hour wait until the show was over and we were able to tack up. When we did, Bonnie was a little spooky at first in the warm up but behaved impeccably and only bucked once! Result. Especially since bucking was her new favourite thing (but if you follow me on Instagram, which you should, you would know that already!). I uploaded a video on my second channel of Bonnie schooling, which I have embedded below.

We had so much fun schooling around the course that it was time to take her to our first show of 2018! How exciting. Particularly since I was still blind in one eye – I could see absolutely nothing out of my left eye. So on January 14th, we trekked back down to the East side of Lough Neagh to Portmore once again.

Bonnie was an angel in the warmup, and went into the ring and felt absolutely amazing…until she decided she did not like the look of the shoot jump at the far end of the arena. That caused us to get eliminated and it just went downhill from there really. She jumped nice, don’t get me wrong, but just not well. She didn’t feel on form, but she didn’t feel lame, just nappy, so I rode her through it. Coming to a very skinny skinny, my vision issues combined with Bonnie spooking abit resulted in me taking out the wing with my knee. I then lost a stirrup in the course and my right knee rolled out of the place, but I was able to pop it back in with relatively no pain (the next day, however, it did roll out of place again and it turned out to be an MCL sprain. All healed up now though, since I’m such a bad blogger and have ended up telling you about my January adventures on March 1st).

Following her napping fit in the 85cm, we had lengthly discussions on what to do. She was jumping fine, and flew some pretty hefty fences in the warm up (100-110) and so we put her in the 1m class. Well, it went even further downhill! She got abit close to the first fence, but cleared it, then said nah and began to nap. Now, it just so happens that fence 2 was right beside the gate – but upon later inspection, she actually landed lame from fence 1. So she was napping, but it was for a genuine reason (perhaps combined with a little ‘my friends are out there, why am I in here!?’ thinking from Boo). We knew something was up, and that was the last time that she jumped.

You can watch a vlog of our Portmore Competition Adventures below:

Because she was lame again, it was time to go through everything once more. So, we phoned the chiropractor and he was in the area (he comes from down South, so it was pure luck). Well, that couldn’t have went worse either! In her first trot up, she looked lame (shocker) and so we did a second to try and pin point it. Only Bonnie, the delightful little madam she is, spooked and quite literally fell to the ground and rolled on concrete. My face was a treat. I had injured my leg at this point, and so it was my mum doing the trot up – I got to see the entire scene unroll before me while thinking “please be okay, please don’t have ruined yourself Boo bear”. 

She had nothing structurally wrong with her and once again, we were told to get a physio. So we did – we contacted the physio most local to us (who would rather not be named), and she came out and outlined everything that was wrong. Quite a lot.

When Bonnie got kicked in August (her original injury, which I blogged about on this site. You can go read blogs from back then by clicking here), the ligament in her right bum cheek shortened and so she over-compensated with her left, which was the leg she was now lame on. We were advised light work, long reining, hacking for 6 weeks but that she could canter and doing raised poles were a must either on the lunge or on her back. No jumping – it just so happened I got called for eye surgery, so my mum took over the majority of rehab as I was forbidden from riding by my consultant for 4 weeks.

I have attached her physio report below, since to be honest, I can’t remember every single detail as so much has happened since then. I leave you with this lovely piece of information all about my accident prone mare who is trying to make me go grey before I’m even 20 years old.


I’ll see you next time!

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