Process of Elimination: Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Vets, Farriers & Dentists.

Every professional who works in the field listed in the title of this blog has seen Bonnie between August 19th, 2017 and September 18th, 2017 (yes, I have spent too much money. Let’s not remind me of my sad bank balance).

If you read my last blog, granted I posted it a very long time ago, so if you want to recap you can click here. Alternatively, the most relevant bit to this blog post is below;

“We had her booked in with our chiropractor before the event for August 21st – but I’ll make another post on what we’ve done since discovering that she is lame.”

The day of the event when Bonnie went lame, we phoned our ‘close team’ (ie farrier, vet) and we were thankful to learn that it wasn’t anything low down as when she was trotting her foot was landing correctly. The vet said to wait as he didn’t think it was serious, and probably just a muscle strain (which he can’t do much about), and to wait and see how she is.

Bonnie had the chiropractor on the Monday and he said that Boo was completely okay, just very tight in her shoulders. Her pelvis etc was all in place which is amazing, so I’m very pleased about that. The chiropractor suggested we get her teeth seen to, so we contacted a few dentists.

We then booked her in with the wonderful Carrie who owns Relax Relieve Revive (click here to go see her business page). She worked with Bonnie and put up with her tantrums. Carrie fitted us in to her busy schedule and Bonnie thoroughly enjoyed her session. All the tension throughout her shoulders was released and she was tight around her withers, and she then had a red light pulse therapy (if anyone knows the proper name, let me know!) with Carrie too. We were given a good indication of what had actually happened due to what Carrie found, and it was supported as Bonnie lost muscle mass in the affected area when she remained out of work for an extended period of time.

Next on the hitlist was another checkup with the farrier whilst we waited for the dentist. Before both the farrier and the dentist could come out, we went and seen the wonderful people at Move Right Therapy (click here to see their business page), who had recently imported a Theraplate all the way from the USA to right on my doorstep in little ol’ County Antrim. Our first session was hilarious – she wouldn’t settle. It was then we discovered something very important.

Bonnie loves Jim. 

Jim is the Bonnie whisperer. He can settle her and she just falls asleep (whilst with me she is trampling over me, bouncing me off everything, and generally just being a bit of a pest).


First session on the Theraplate; August 27th, 2017.

Her session ran a little over due to her messing about at the start, but in the end she was on it for about 30 minutes. After which, she walked off sound for the first time since her injury the week before.

I had never been so amazed that something that seems so simple could help cure a horse. The thing is though, it isn’t just for helping to heal an injury. It has so many uses. Prevention, warming up a horse, cooling them down; the list goes on. It really is an amazing piece of technology.

Bonnie ended up continuing on the theraplate (and will still attend it as time and funds allow) and is now consistently sound.

Just recently, and hence why this post has been so delayed, the wonderful dentist Michael Lennon (click here to see his business page), came out to see Bonnie. Well I think this one can explain a lot of her recent behaviour.

A little back story before we start: when we got Bonnie, the vet checked her over, gave the annual injections, etc. We also got a vet to check her teeth. We were told they were fine and she could wait till next year to get them done.

When Michael began working on Bonnie, he noticed immediately just how sharp they were. They were so sharp and overgrown that they had actually been digging into the side of her face and created large lesions on the inside of her cheeks with some ulcers. The work required was so intensive he was only able to do enough to make her comfortable and has to return for a later session in a few months so that the nerves within the teeth do not become too exposed.

Before getting her teeth done, but being sound again, Bonnie was a very different horse to ride. She was very reluctant to go forward, she has started refusing (and this is now a very bad habit which I will be exploring over my next few blog posts), and was even rearing – bucking is normal for Bonnie, as long as I’ve known her she’s done it – and I’ve known her a lot longer than I’ve owned her. Rearing was an entirely new habit that was so out of character. She was also very narky in the stable and biting a lot and had lost a little condition.

Unfortunately due to privacy reasons (and the fact my mother will eat me if I put anything on as it would aggravate a few people…), I cannot post the reasoning behind Bonnie’s injury. Just know it could’ve been avoided, it wasn’t down to work/competition and it shouldn’t have happened (you should be able to guess what it was from that).

So anyway, I’ve babbled on enough now, so I guess I’ll see you next time!

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