Going As We Please at Laurel View XC.

July 23rd was a day destined for XC schooling. Of course it couldn’t run smoothly and the day before (Saturday 22nd) when I retrieved Bonnie from the field she was minus a shoe. A message to my farrier was off immediately and I am lucky that he came out early the Sunday morning on his day off to put it back on for us.

We headed up for the start of the schooling as it was open from 12.30-4.30pm. It had been raining quite a lot so we wanted to make sure we were first out. We went out immediately and since I had been focusing so much on my dressage adventure (see that blog post here), I had jumped about 3 fences on her since our win at the Laurel View derby at the beginning of June (you can read about that here).

Now, Bonnie loves to jump – and she loves to run. Being in completely open fields therefore led to an excited, stubborn mare who was pulling the arms out of me for the first 30 minutes. I tried trotting her into fences but no matter what she just kept the running – I hadn’t worn gloves but remembered I had a pair in the car and mum kindly went and got me them. We spent another 20 minutes calming her down and then she really settled and became the supercob she is – she was flying.


We were out preparing for the two phase event run by Mid-Antrim Pony Club at Laurel View Equestrian Centre (I promise I do compete in other places, but LV is only 5 minutes away from us!). My next blog post will be how that went, since I’m still playing catch-up to the blog posts.

We schooled around the 1m track mostly, throwing in a few 85cm options. She wouldn’t go into the water by herself (not a shock) but happily took a lead from a pony we know called Eve and then did everything by herself including the 1m drop. We couldn’t quite get her to jump out, but to be fair I only tried once and I didn’t try very hard as I was happy to just drop in and then continue jumping.

She was a ping machine the entire day and you can watch all the action below.

Until next time…
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