RUAS Balmoral Show 2017 + Try-On Rider Clothing Haul!!

Today I thought I would write about my newest video, a vlog of Balmoral Show where I also do a mini-haul of some clothing I picked up at the end.
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Welcome, Schuberry.

Just thought I would write a short little post to welcome our newest addition, Schuberry.


Schuberry is a descendant of Willberry Wonder Pony, mascot of inspirational teenager Hannah Francis who sadly passed away in August 2016 after fighting terminal bone cancer.
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Retiring your horse of a lifetime – you’ll know when they’re ready. Toby’s Story.

There comes a time with a lot of equestrians when they must ask themselves, “Is he too old to be doing those jumps now? Does he require an easier pace of life?”. This can come at any stage in a horses life. They may have had a successful career for over 15 years, or they may not have even been able to start.

Retiring a horse is not an easy decision, and many factors must be considered before the answer to the question is definitive.
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Our second ever SJI together

May Day 2017 (01-05-2017) saw Bonnie and I tackle our second ever SJI together. I had taken her around the Eventing Ireland cross country course at Maddybenny the day before and wasn’t expecting much. As I was warming her up, she felt a little sluggish so I originally only entered the 80cm.

As soon as Bonnie went into the ring she just completely woke up. She thrives under the competitive atmosphere and jumped a fantastic, quick double clear. This was only my third time competing Bonnie, and her first time at a “big” show in a while, so I was very pleased with how she went.

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