Our first 1m competition (it didn’t quite go to plan).

A bit of a different post today, or rather the same with a different outcome.

On August 13th, we headed to Laurel View Equestrian Centre for their derby held in their playground field. After schooling extremely well the day before, I had hoped our outcome would be good. In ways, it was. But in so many it wasn’t.

It was a late start, and when we arrived the 70cm class was only beginning. As it wasn’t in the main facility, and in a field, we decided to tack up thinking that their wouldn’t be too many in the 70cm/85cm classes. That was mistake number one.

It was the best turnout I have seen to a show at a local equestrian centre in a while, with relatively good weather for County Antrim recently, it seems everyone was thinking the same as me – let’s go have a great day out with the horse.

2 hours, 30 minutes (approximately) after we arrived we were heading in to jump our first competitive 1m course. During this wait, I discovered some very important things about Bonnie.

  • She does not like to wait.
  • She throws tantrums if you try to make her wait.
  • These tantrums include rearing, stag leaping from a stand still, and refusing to do anything but either not move at all or gallop.

None of these traits are particularly attractive.

Nevertheless, our round got off to a good start (see below – fence one was missed, sadly). This was until fence 8 when she shied away from it slightly and I lost my stirrup. Fumbling to try and regain it whilst driving her over the fence, we then cut too tight to fence number 9 resulting in our first ever run-out. It all went downhill from here really.

We got over fence 9 second try, and continued on to soar over fences 10 and 11. When we hit fence 12 – it was like I had hit a brick wall. She wouldn’t jump. We got eliminated.

The head instructor,  whom has seen us win before and out as a partnership on a few occasions, came out to help and lowered the fence down and we eventually got through 2/3 jumps in the combination. But right after this Bonnie just said no. She did not want to continue on with the course.

We tried to get her to continue to no avail. We ended up retiring, and leaving it to another day.

In reflection, I should’ve known something was up when she refused to jump. But I guess you’ll have to wait for my next blog posts to read about that.

For the mean time, watch this blog exclusive – the link to our first 1m. It’s on unlisted, so congratulations if you are a reader of my blog and have got the chance to watch it 😉

Until next time…

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One thought on “Our first 1m competition (it didn’t quite go to plan).

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